In it for the long haul.



In 2014 my career as a flight attendant began. Having always been a keen advocate for fitness and a health conscious consumer, I wanted to make my journey around the world a healthy one too. So to keep myself motivated I thought I would share my experiences, and maybe inspire a few more people lucky enough to be in the same position to do the same.

I want to look at things a little differently. Most hotels airline crew stay in have a gym, albeit a basic one; legally they have to. But how many people land from a 13-hour flight and want to hit the box room gym with no view, and one archaic treadmill? That pokey little gym might be enough for some people, but I know I would go crazy limiting my fitness cravings to just what the hotel provides with no other alternatives.

Plane food and the unnaturally low air humidity you are exposed to in the cabin environment whilst flying is enough to make you feel rubbish, throw in no sleep and a new time zone, it’s no wonder crew constantly complain of “long term fatigue” and piling on the weight. Even without rigorous exercise, proper nutrition is enough to keep you looking and feeling good if you’ve got no time or energy to work out.

Lucky for me I enjoy a variety of exercise and food, I’m not a vegan, vegetarian, yoga queen or BFF fitness model. I don’t claim to be a Nutritionist or Personal Trainer, but I do know what works for me. I’m not ever going to say that it’s easy and that having insomnia and sweet cravings at 4am doesn’t effect me but I will try my best to enjoy my travelling and not let the cabin crew lifestyle rule my own lifestyle. I’m looking at the bigger picture; I’m here for the long haul.

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