28 Hours in Washington

Coconut Chia Seed Pudding at Le Pain Quotidien


A couple of weeks ago I flew to Washington, luckily for me my flight was scheduled the week after the huge snow storm which brought the City and its Airport to a halt.


Bearing in mind that I’m not the biggest fan of the cold and it being my first visit to Washington, I wanted to find something I could do beforehand that wouldn’t be affected by the snow! I did a little research and found a hot yoga studio within walking distance of my hotel, called Tyson’s Hot Yoga, on Tyson’s Corner.


At home I practice yoga in my own time and try to attend a Vinyasa class a week dependent on my schedule, but I had never tried hot yoga, or “Bikram” yoga as it’s also called, so this was a new experience for me.


Having never been to the studio before I was surprised to be greeted by my first name by a young lady wearing nothing but a towel. The place had a real organic and communal feel about it, straight away you can’t help but feel accepted and relaxed, exactly what I needed after the long flight the night before. The class I attended only had four other pupils; a mixed bunch who all made me feel very welcome after the teacher introduced me and told them I had come from a very far away land, which made me chuckle.


Classically the studio for Bikram is heated to a sticky 40degrees, consisting of 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises, the class was 90 minutes long. I thoroughly enjoyed the practice, feeling every part of my body had been given a good work out and stretch. Although personally for me the class did not consist of any really hard poses, I did feel the extra benefit from the heat combined with the duration of each pose. I left feeling supple and cleansed, mostly because the amount of water you sweat out is incredible and very satisfying. I would absolutely recommend a Bikram class to anyone, even if you don’t practice any other form of yoga, it warms you to your core and you feel it for hours after; even stepping back out into a city covered in snow.


Beware though, you will feel very dehydrated and hungry very soon after so its really important to drink water throughout the practice and plenty after. I managed to find a Le Pain Quotidien in Tyson’s Shopping Mall, where I treated myself to a late breakfast of Coconut Chia Seed pudding, fresh berries and a giant Chai latte before hitting the shops for some retail therapy!


On returning back to the hotel I picked up a salad to-go and some fruit to snack on before our pick up later that evening. Unfortunately I struggled to get any sleep before my flight home, it’s times like this I wish I was a good sleeper, but at least I knew I had done everything possible to give myself the best chance of feeling good for my flight home. In hindsight I did think to myself, how nice to have been one of many crew who had their return flight in the previous weeks disrupted by the snow…

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