Before the start of the year I had never been to Capetown, but it had been on my hit list since I can even remember. I have now been three times and with every visit I fall a little more in love with the place, it’s beautiful beaches and dramatic views of Table Mountain are what dreams are made of. Not forgetting how cool the South African laid back culture is and the hot – but not too hot climate.

My most recent trip really did make me think twice about residing here and not coming home! I normally rest by the pool on our first day as it’s a long night flight from Heathrow, it’s a one night stop over so generally I go out for dinner and get up early the next day to run before it gets too hot. The run from Bantry Bay to Seapoint is a good one to do, as you can stay alongside the beach so the views are amazing. It’s not the longest of runs but I like to alternate running on the beach with running and sprinting on the promenade, it’s hard work but so good for your legs if you want to add that extra burn.

I had been feeling pretty run down all week with a virus so hadn’t been able to work out in the week before my trip, so I used my time here to catch up with some exercise I’d missed out on. I spent a couple of hours by the pool before grabbing a smoothie from one of my favourite smoothie bars ‘Osumo’ I really struggle to choose from the menu here as they have so many great options! From green juices to fully loaded protein shakes, all with dairy free options. If you’re feeling hungry I would definitely recommend you stop for lunch, you can try a ‘Pop eye Salad’ one of my favourites, packed with avocado, spinach and marinated chicken. Or even grab a classic – peanut butter on fresh whole meal toast for brecky! This time I went for ‘the gym junkie’ a peanut butter hemp protein smoothie, as I’d given up chocolate for lent all of the cacao options were out – but wow it didn’t disappoint, so rich and creamy you can’t believe something that tastes so good is also so good for you.

After a walk along the beach with my smoothie I went and changed into my runners and headed back out. This time I took a new route, towards Camp’s Bay. It was mostly uphill, but the further you run the more of the beautiful coastline you reveal, and more importantly Table Mountain makes an appearance along with some glistening white sandy beaches. Intrigued and determined to find the entrance to one of the beaches I continued to run until I found the steps that lead down to Clifton Beach. This beach is a little piece of heaven! Perfectly white sand and crystal clear water, it surprisingly wasn’t that busy either! Just a few people walking their dogs, a couple of surfers and some people playing volley ball. I didn’t want to leave! Especially when I realised I now had a stair challenge to complete, in my haste to get to the beach I hadn’t realised just how many flights of stairs I had descended! Oh how my legs burned! Luckily once I reached the top it was mostly flat and downhill to get home.

I slept for 11 hours that night, which is rare for me! In the morning I headed down for a walk along the promenade towards Seapoint. The good thing about being here is you can mix up your routine so much. So I started off with a little jog to warm up, I then moved onto the sand to do a circuit, squats, lunges, burpees and sit ups. I then ran a little further, to an outdoor gym.. Yep an outdoor gym! Free for anyone to use, so there literally is no excuse for anyone here in Capetown!

Afterwards I met up with some of my crew and went for breakfast. I had seen a new place had opened that I wanted to try, and managed to persuade my friends to try it too. Sheckter’s Raw is the newest and coolest cafe in Bantry Bay to eat right now. Not to mention super healthy! If I could write my own menu, this would be it. Anyone that knows me knows I love coffee, rich strong bodied coffee! Having previously lived in Australia where you are spoilt with good quality coffee I am now also a bit of a coffee snob, so to say I loved the coffee here is really something. It’s organic too and you have dairy free options like almond milk. I ordered a flat white, cashew smoothie and avocado on rye toast. The menu here is simple and modest, what is on offer is in season and ingredients are bought locally. The food here is nothing but beautiful and healthy, my friend ordered the quinoa and kale salad with green pesto, and I have never seen anything so pretty and edible in my life! The place is just downright cool, offering freshly pressed juices, raw pizza and chia desserts to go. We didn’t want to leave, breakfast turned into lunch, we could have stayed there all day, wanting to try everything. I already can’t wait to be back.

I must confess before I came to Capetown I was a little worried that it might not be the healthiest destination for me. Mostly because a lot of other crew who come like to make the most of how cheap is it to drink here, and will go out drinking into the hours of the early morning. Don’t get me wrong once in a while I think that’s ok, I’m no tee-total myself, but choose to drink with my friends and family, not whilst away with work. However so far every time I’ve been here I actually find it hard to not not be healthy! In fact it’s easier to consume healthier food here than it is at home for me, because there are just so many fresh and healthy choices. I love to exercise outside in the sun wherever possible, so I need little motivation when I am here to keep fit and don’t want to spoil that feeling with a hangover.

It would seem that I am easily pleased, give me some sand, sea and good smoothie and I want for nothing more. I felt sad to leave but if I’m lucky I’ll get the trip again soon.

IMG_4547Sheckter’s Raw Quinoa Salad

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