2018 – Same But Different?

It’s almost the New Year!


So you’re either one of those people who is anti the New Year Resolution, you see it as a pointless cliché way to set yourself up for a fail, that you shouldn’t need N.Y to be the time to make a change. Because if you really wanted something then you’d just do it any time, right?!

Or you are that person who is up for a change and need this as a kick up the butt to get you motivated to do something different, to challenge yourself in some way. With Christmas out of the way surely it’s the best time to start?

new year

We set goals ALL YEAR Round, we just don’t publicise it the way we do at this time of year. But by telling family and friends what your “resolutions” are, you become more accountable. It’s also a great way to encourage each other to start something new that you may not want to tackle solo. When you start a challenge with someone else, you’ve got a motivator at the ready that doesn’t want to let the side down either.


Forget the “New Year, New Me” BS, chances are you’re already awesome just as you are, but most people don’t like standing still, not improving in some areas of their life. Weather that be with their health, in their career, financially or in education. So I like to use N.Y to present a starting point to improve on my weaknesses or learn something new.


Everyone hates January, FACT! So I see this as a way to stay focused this month on new things that challenge me, as well as still keeping up with those personal goals I have set myself previously throughout the years.


Last year I made the decision to go vegetarian, to cut out all meat from my diet. I have not looked back since. In an ideal world I would like say I could have gone all the way and gone Vegan, but admittedly making such a drastic change to so many aspects of my life kept me from going all the way. What I can say now is that making a smaller change to begin with has put me in good stead to take the next step.


If you are thinking of making some changes to your life, weather it be diet or any other; set yourself a realistic goal, write down how you plan to achieve it and what steps you can take to help motivate you and keep you on track when the times get tough. Tell your friends and family if you think they will support you, if you don’t feel they will that’s ok. This is about the changes that you want to make, no one else.


We all know the person we want to be. Remember more often than not, the only person standing in the way of your own success is you.

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