Creating ‘The Lean Life’

Since my flying career started I’ve been on a mission to live the healthiest life I can, whilst still having fun travelling the globe! Along the way I’ve been asked by so many of my colleagues, friends and family how I stay on track with my health and fitness, so it got me thinking.

If you already follow me on here and also on my Instagram @theflyingfitfoodie then you know that I am always sharing what I am up to, what and where I’m eating, and what work outs I’m doing! I share all my tips and experiences with everyone who wants to hear it!

So I kept asking myself, how can I put together something that can help others like me stay healthy, in a fun and easy way?

With the help from my partner in crime, P.T @seanellison and his brother @samellison (tech wizard!) we have created the perfect program that we love to use ourselves and hope others will too!


We’ve called it ‘The Lean Life’ because we don’t believe in diets to ‘get lean quick’ we believe that if you consume the right foods and live an active lifestyle you should naturally find yourself feeling a lot lighter and have more energy. You’ll be confident enough to hit the beach any time of the year, like me I never know where I am going next, so I love being able to throw on a bikini and feel body confident any time! Which this program enables me to do and can for you too.

I am a massive foodie (the giveaway is in the name!) and don’t agree with restriction or eating foods you don’t enjoy just to look a certain way. So we created over 50 delicious healthy recipes to go with the program. I like to have food with me when I am flying, so lots of the dishes are travel friendly, can be annoyed at altitude and still taste awesome.


Whats included?

√  Each week for the first 6 weeks we’ve created a small module to help you learn something new about this lifestyle, to help you swap your old habits that are holding you back for new ones. You’ll learn the basics about nutrition, hydration, sleep and how to keep up your progress.

√  Over 50 Omnivore, Vegetarian and Vegan meal options.

√  X4 workouts a week, including at least one a week that can be done with no equipment, perfect for when you’re travelling or doing anywhere.

√  After the first 6 week the program splits into two, one for male and one for female. Because realistically, we both want different things, so we modified the workouts to suit everyone!

√  Progress tracking; you can do your own little fitness check up, to see how you’re improving!

√  We have set up to offer everyone who downloads the program  24/7 support.

√  New workouts posted each week to work out to and more healthy meal inspiration.

√  A FREE 7-day taster for you to try before you buy!

√  User friendly PDF to download to your iBooks to use anytime.

Want more info?

Check out the website for yourself and download our free 7-day taster to get you started.

You can also sign up to regular updates via our Facebook page for recipes and workout inspiration!


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