Coconut Oil – A Flight Attendants Best Kept Secret

A few months ago I stumbled across a mini 50ml pot of Vita Coco’s Organic Coconut Oil and it got me thinking – how much space I could save in my liquids bag with coconut oil and how many other products could this replace?


I get just as frustrated as the next person when it comes to limiting my liquids in my carry on (the same rules apply to us crew). I often don’t need to check in a case for a short trip or tour around Europe, so I am always looking for ways to condense my luggage and replace items with more sustainable and multi-tasking products.


From skin care to sweetening my morning coffee, this oil is a flight attendants best kept secret. Packing light has never been so easy.


  1. Makeup Remover– ditch the make up wipes, not only are they not very environmentally friendly but the author of The Skin Bible Dr.Anjali Mahtosays that using make up wipes spreads bacteria around your face, meaning that your skin is more likely to breakout. I like to use a small amount of coconut oil, applied to my top eyelid, which I then wipe away with a soft tissue or cotton pad taking the make up with it. It’s great if you have sensitive skin too and it also acts as an anti aging moisturiser! Win, win.


  1. Pre + Post flight moisturiser– We all know how flying can cause your skin can dry out, so I like to prevent this by moisturising with coconut oil before and then after showering, post flight. The oil is solid at room temp, but when rubbed into warm skin soon becomes easy to spread evenly, it also smells great!


  1. Shaving cream – because shaving foam is such a waste of space in our liquids bag, and the cheap hotel shower gel just wont cut it. I have used coconut oil for years to shave my legs and underarms! Not only is it great for sensitive skin like mine, it helps lock in moisture too. Smooth a thin layer over clean and slightly damp skin – I use plenty when shaving to get that extra smooth finish. Rinse away the left overs or simply pat dry.


  1. Coffee creamer– If you’re like me – can’t drink black coffee and cannot stand the mini UHT milks that hotels provide then just ½ a teaspoon of coconut oil will add a sweet and silky texture to your coffee in just a few stirs. Remember though coconut oil is high in saturated fat and adds calories too, so be mindful how much you are using if you are watching your energy intake.


  1. Teeth whitener/ Breath freshener – As a natural antibacterial, coconut oil is great for getting rid of smells, including in your mouth! I like to use it as a mouthwash between brushes, and it also helps remove stains naturally.


  1. Homemade Exfoliator– No need to pack all of your cleansers, or exfoliates.Simply combine coconut oil with one of your complimentary hotel sugar sachets or coffee grounds to create a chemical free homemade face and body scrub.


  1. Shoe polish – sounds strange but when “looking the part” is vital in your job, this one is a great little trick! Simply rub some coconut oil onto some cloth or tissue to give your dull leather shoes some shine again.


Coconut oil recently got a bit of a bad reputation, however when consumed in moderation can be healthy oil for cooking and baking. Whether you are team coconut oil or not, you cannot deny how versatile it is!

My mini VitaCoco comes everywhere with me.

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