Online Coaching

Train from anywhere in the world 

Sophie offers bespoke online coaching; the complete package of both training & nutrition.

Spaces are limited.

Ditch the restrictive diets and exercises that you hate.

Learn how to make changes to your lifestyle and adapt to a training style that you can sustain and realistically commit to.
Grow the confidence to make anywhere in the world your gym. 
• Individualised training program specific to your goals.
• Tailored workouts and rest days to fit your routine and lifestyle.
• Exercise selection to the fit equipment you have access to (if any).
• Weekly check-ins to monitor progress (over the phone/WhatsApp call).
• Programme adaptions as often as needed, with fully flexible training to suit you.
• Access to training app where you can see all past + upcoming workouts and rest days, intuitive app including demo videos of all exercises.
• Minimum 4-weeks start up, with no tie-ins, rolling month-to-month.

Sophie offers a free consultation to discuss your requirements and more importantly to get to know you. No matter what your goals are or what stage your fitness journey is at, Sophie will be happy to help.

If you would like to speak to Sophie about her availability, please get in touch.


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Training Plans

Progress Tracking

Online App

Nutritional Guidance


See what Sophie's clients are saying
“Thank you so much Sophie! I have truly grown in the last 6 months. I am happier and more confident than I have ever been with my body. I have learned how to eat intuitively and not feel bad for what I’m eating. I owe it to you for guiding and encouraging me. I am confident that I now have the skills to take what I have learned and create a self-guided fitness journey. I look forward to meeting in person someday, maybe even at a yoga retreat!” Emily J

“EVERYONE SHOULD SIGN UP NOW! Working busy shifts and flitting between days and nights has always made it tricky to keep on top of my fitness and looking after myself. I came across Sophie’s page and was inspired by her fresh approach to fitness combined with nutrition. I signed up just over a month ago and you wouldn’t believe how different I feel. I have more energy, I’m mentally more alert and feel so much stronger! Her personal approach to the coaching is something that I really admire and that has kept me on track. Don’t waste your money on expensive gyms and impersonal subscriptions, Sophie will sort you out. I look forward to my workouts now! Thank you so much for my new lease of life!” Catherine K

“I’ve tried multiple PTs in the past with no success and I also struggle to exercise without a big event to work towards as the end goal. Training with Sophie’s help has been a complete change for the best. From her initial consultation covering every detail to the weekly check ins, tailored workouts (and mid week encouragement if needed) the service Sophie offers is amazing and so bespoke. I very quickly felt the benefit of her guidance in many ways. I’m so glad I signed up at the start of lockdown and hope to keep working with her for a lot longer.” Gareth B

“I will start by saying Sophie is truly brilliant! She’s personable, understanding and has a great breadth of knowledge. 
She has guided, encouraged and supported me to achieve my goals, physically and mentally. She created dynamic but attainable goals, it’s what makes her so great! She crafts great workouts to fit in around my busy mum life and they are suited to me. I have gained so much knowledge, strength and general fitness since working with Sophie and I will be forever thankful for the friend that I have made. Would recommend her endlessly.” 

Zoe K

“Working with Sophie has been a total game changer for me both physically and mentally. I’m so aware of my dietary needs and having a personalised workout schedule is motivating. Mentally, I am positive about the future and learning so much from her. The weekly phone calls are a real joy and Sophie is so flexible and able to adapt to changes in my schedule and life and never complains! A real delight to work with and such a source of positivity.”

Gemma B

“It has been a pleasure to train with Sophie over the past month. She took on board the type of training I like and provided perfect workouts, which were enjoyable but also challenged me, which is what’s important! Sophie held me accountable, helped provide structure to my training, as well as variety – giving a great mix between strength and cardio training, and running – which kept things exciting. Weekly calls with Sophie were a great bonus, being able to ask any questions, alter the training plan or receive advice. Sophie is such a lovely person and is clearly so passionate about what she does. I couldn’t recommend training with her more.” Rebecca H