Sophie offers a number of online open classes a week. If you would like to join one of her classes, please subscribe to her email list. 


Sophie offers a range of weekly online classes, one suitable for every yogi, from beginner to experienced.

Having practised yoga for almost a decade and travelled far and wide experiencing so many yoga classes herself, Sophie brings a variety of styles to her classes.





Vinyasa – Sophie’s Vinyasa classes work on building strength and mobility whilst exploring with playful movements.

Sweat level I-III

Mobility – Sophie’s Mobility classes are a hybrid of yoga style stretches and functional movement patterns, ideal for those just starting their yoga journey or athletes looking to improve their mobility, to help them in their field of sport.

Sweat level I

Core – Sophie’s Core classes are designed to build core strength and stamina to help you become stronger not just on the mat but away from it too.

Sweat level III

 Sophie also has a select amount of space for 1-2-1 yoga classes a week. No matter what your reasons are for practising yoga, or what stage your yoga journey is at, Sophie will be happy to help.

If you would like to speak to Sophie about her availability, please get in touch.


See what Sophie's yoga students are saying

“Epic power flow – Your knowledge of body parts mega helps with understanding of what we’re doing and how we should be feeling! So thank you!”

Cassida M

“Thank you for another amazing class! I’m starting to notice a real difference in my flexibility and my form is definitely improving so thank you for all your guidance”

Abby F

“Sophie that was INCREDIBLE! I enjoyed every second of it. I needed that thank you so so much”

Louise N

“Thanks for the lovely yoga class! It was so nice felt like a good core workout and a good stretch at the same time!”

Leila Z

“Bloody loved it! I found the time went really quickly, I’ve tried other online classes before and they really dragged!” 

Alister H

“I loved the variations offered throughout the session for beginner to more advanced. I thought you were brilliant”

Rebecca H