Potato Chip Rock

How I conquered the only potato chip that doesn’t make you fat! Easily accessible from San Diego by car in less than 40 minutes, this hike is the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, even if like me you do not have a lot of time to spare. It alsoContinue reading “Potato Chip Rock”

Flight Attendants! Have you taken the Harvard Health study?

Calling all current and previous cabin crew/flight attendants! Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health are collecting data to help understand how occupational exposures impact the health of crew. This is REALLY important for anyone who flys as the long term impacts on occupational health are still not fully understood! The survey is completely confidentialContinue reading “Flight Attendants! Have you taken the Harvard Health study?”

The ‘F Word’

Have you ever burst into tears because you couldn’t decide what to have for supper? Truth is, I have.   People often see the life of a flight attendant as glamorous and exciting. Who can blame them, when you can go from breakfast in Paris to cocktails and tapas in Barcelona in the same day?Continue reading “The ‘F Word’”

The SoCal Life

I fly into San Diego on a 747 Jumbo Jet, which is by far the biggest aircraft that comes into this tiny airport. The locals all know when it’s coming in, mostly because of the roar of its four engines and also because it barely misses one of the public car parks as it makesContinue reading “The SoCal Life”


Before the start of the year I had never been to Capetown, but it had been on my hit list since I can even remember. I have now been three times and with every visit I fall a little more in love with the place, it’s beautiful beaches and dramatic views of Table Mountain areContinue reading “Capetown”

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